photo gallery 2

Dedicating the catalogue of Greekartoon contest 2007 With the brasilian Moacir Knorr Gutterres, the mexican Angel Boligan Corbo, the president of the jury of Greekartoon Sir Ranan R. Lurie (USA), the american Felipe Feggo and the belgian Norbert Van Yperzeele The prize-winning cartoonists of Greekartoon 2007 with their trophies
With the french cartoonist Bernard Bouton and his wife Josette With the cartoonists Wilson Figueiredo (Brasil), Bernard Bouton (France) and Jan Thomaschoff (Germany) With the italian cartoonist Agim Sulaj in Kruishoutem
With Rudy Gheysens (president of ECC-Kruishoutem) and Agim Sulaj With the belgian cartoonist Ludo Goderis in Olen (Belgium) With Robert Rousso, french cartoonist
The prize-winners of the International Cartoonfestival Knokke-Heist 2008 Posing in front of my 3rd prize-winning cartoon "At the museum". In the city of Krakow with the polish artist and friend Antoni Kowalski, his wife Bogusia and my wife Gabie.
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