photo gallery 3

The prize giving ceremony in Poznan. Dariusz Labedzki the indefatigable organizer and chairman of the jury of the Festival of European Satire-Billygoats at work. The winner of the 2nd prize of the Festival of European Satire-Billygoats 2008 the french cartoonist Antonio Mongiello (Napo)
The prize-winning works of the 11th George Van Raemdonck Cartoon Contest. With Alain coming from Kinshasa, co-organisator of the exhibition "Kartoons ya Congo" Pawel Kuczynski and my wife Gabie.
The Zappeion in Athens where the exhibition took place Dimitrios G. Sioufas, President of the Greek Parliament during his speech at the opening ceremony The works of the luxembourgish cartoonists Florin Balaban, Roger Leiner and me.
Together with the luxembourgish colleague Roger LEINER Friederike Gross a german illustrator and cartoonist in an interview Robert Rousso at work in Delphi Museum.
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